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"I own residential real estate properties which include individual homes and apartment buildings. Richard Buskirk  of Christian Handyman has worked for me as an independent handyman contractor for the past 12 years.  He has proven himself to be excellent in the areas of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and the diagnosis of problems related to the structure of homes and apartments.  
I travel to South Carolina twice a year and Richard has overseen the smooth running of my business during these times.  He has an excellent working relationship with my tenants and he is a talented man with many gifts that I have appreciated over the years."
Linda T, Brea, CA






"If you want the best handyman ever, you will choose Richard Buskirk with Christian Handyman.  He is highly skilled with a variety of contractor-grade expertise, and he’s always dependable in connection with time and completion."  Chuck and Maureen P, Owners of Peltzer Pines in Orange Co., CA




"Richard has handled the repairs and necessary upgrades to the Ebell Club of Anaheim in the past year.  He also has worked in my home and in the homes of many other elderly friends I have referred him to.  
Being elderly, I want to be able to trust someone completely and I have total faith and trust in him.  He is not only very reasonable in his price but can do any repairs that is asked of him; electrical, plumbing, door and drywall repairs and many other tasks.  I will continue to refer him to everyone that needs help in their homes."
Wilma A., Anaheim CA

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