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I'm handy in Bathrooms. Replacing and repairing vanities, faucets, toilets, flooring and showers etc.

I was a Union Carpenter with experience in interior and exterior wood working including all types of finishing.

I'm handy in door repairs and replacement, both interior and exterior.

I am handy in Electrical, installation of new or replacement of outlets, switches, ceiling fans, light fixtures, security and recessed lighting.

Flooring experience including tile, vinyl, wood including installation and removal.

I'm experienced with faucets, disposals, dishwashers, shut off valves, sinks and lighting. Call me when you need help for that kitchen remodel!

Experienced in painting including drywall repair and replacement, both interior and exterior.

Years of experience cleaning out drains, faucet and toilet replacement, shut off valves, piping supply lines and water heaters.

"Being elderly I worry about people taking advantage of me and with Rich I have been able to refer him to the Ebell Club as well as my senior neighbors without worrying he will overcharge or not show up. He does quality work and is very reliable."

Wilma A. Anaheim, Ca.

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